LAVENDER - lavandula angustifolia

Part of The Plant Used For Essential Oil - Flowers.
Method of Extraction - Steam distillation.
Scent - Middle Note.
Strong, sweet floral with slightly smokey, herbaceous undertone.
Usage - Bathing, diffuser, inhalation, massage, room spray.
Main Action on Mind/Body
  • Antiseptic
  • Antibacterial
  • Painkilling Properties
  • Reviving
Mind - Everyone must by now be familiar with this gorgeous little oil. A wonderfully balancing oil it can be used to tackle a myriad of problems. With its soothing qualities it can really help you relax and calm a racing mind, thereby helping you focus. Its comforting action can help battle nervous tension and insomnia. Just a drop on your temples will help clear a stress headaches. Its reviving action can also help restore your flagging spirits during those midday slumps! 
Body - With its calming scent and soothing, painkilling action its a wonderful addition to any massage blend made to treat aches & pains. Its antibacterial quality makes it perfect to heal insect bites. 
Blends well with - Lavender is perfect addition to any blend as its versatility blends with most oil.