Bathing In Those Glorious, Glorious Oils!

The delectable scent of essential oils will really transform bathing into a gorgeous multi-sensory experience. Locked away and far from distraction, your bathroom can be transformed into an oasis of healing. As you relax in the warm, soothing water it is so much easier for you to truly benefit from the power of aromatherapy.

Creating Your Bath Blend
As the essential oils disperse in the water they will penetrate your skin so the treatment will be twofold - your body and spirit! It is vital that you use essential oils that will not irritate your skin. To find out the best oils to use just take a look at my A-Z of essential oils on the right of the screen. Along with a description of the oil. it will also inform you of the essential oils that are safe to use on your skin.

Using Your Bath Blend
Essential oils are incredibly delicate and volatile liquids, to preserve their power and ensure that you benefit fully from the treatment, your essential oil blend must be added to the bath just before you are about to step in. To enable the essential oils to fully disperse you must first dilute them in either milk or alcohol. Some recommend that you dilute the essential oils in a vegetable oil first, but I wouldn't really recommend that. The oil blend will just sit floating on the top of the water not dispersing at all. The blend will then coat your skin as you get in the bath and once again as you get out. This can make your skin quite oily and in some people may even trigger an acne breakout. It will also make your bathtub really slippy, another thing best avoided! Simply adding the essential oils to either full fat or semi skimmed milk enables the essential oils to cling to the fat in the milk thereby making it easier for them to disperse gently in the water. If you are vegan you can also add your blend to alcohol as this also makes a good carrier for the essential oils.

Bath Blend
10 drops of your essential oil blend
1 tablespoon of milk (preferably full fat or semi skimmed) or alcohol (such as vodka)
Add your essential oil blend to the milk or alcohol. Stir together to ensure that the oils have fully dispersed. Once your bathtub is full and at the perfect temperature for you, add the mixture. Swish and swirl the blend into the water. Step in the tub and relax for a good 20 minutes or so. After the bath, gently pat your skin dry.